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Alexander Varshamov

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Best prices for OPGW, Aluminum clad wire, fittings (traditional and spiral), etc.

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Dear Sirs:
OpticEnergo Group of companies is the largest Russian producer of OPGW, Aluminum Clad steel wire (ACS), and HTLS phase/conductor wires, aluminum alloy rod wires as well as spiral and traditional fittings for power lines and fiber optic cables.
We can offer you the BEST prices combined with HIGHEST quality, because:
·         Russian economy is in a deep  recession at this very moment.
·         Our labour cost valued in main world currencies is now LOWER than Chinese and somewhat South-East Asian.
·         Please consider Russian severe climatic requirements - that was a problem for many Western engineers and outstanding Russian engineering school - and these conditions help us to maintain highest quality of our metal products.
·         Vast majority of the proposed products have a big Russian value added cost, using Russian raw materials and high value added in-house of our Group.
We would like to offer you highest quality at very competitive prices for the following:
- Aluminum Clad steel wire (ACS)
- ground wire
- conductor wires – bare and insulated
- traditional power cables and wires
- spiral fittings for OPGW, ground wire, wires and fiber optic cables
- traditional fittings for transmission and distribution power lines
- aluminum alloys wire rods made of heat-resistant aluminum.
We are fully ISO 9001 certified and use Swiss, German, Austrian and Italian equipment (Queins, NEXANS, Mario Frigerio, Cortinovis Machinery SPA, TECNO COATING ENGINEERING, Eurodraw, Proton and Threesixty Parkegate Technology Ltd, NEXTROM, Maillefer, BARTELL MACHINERY SYSTEMS LLC) for production.
We can also make products under your specific requirements/standards if necessary. We can also invite you to witness testing of your products before shipment.
Our test laboratories are certified and accredited for testing of all products we make.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.
Alexander Varshamov
Export coordinator
OpticEnergo Group
+7 925 518-0256


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