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Bruce Xia

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Business Cooperation-TBEA Co., Ltd. China.

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Good Day. Hope you are very well. I am Bruce Xia from China TBEA Co., Ltd.

TBEA Co., Ltd., short for TBEA, a service provider of system integration solutions for global energy industry, is the largest state-level high-tech industrial manufacturing enterprise in Xinjiang as well as a large-scale energy equipment manufacturing enterprise in China. TBEA has employees of more than 20,000 who are from 24 countries and 29 nationalities, such as Wei, Han, Kazak, Hui, Mongolian, Tajik. Headquartering in Xinjiang and basing on the energy, TBEA undertakes China’s three national strategic emerging industries, namely, Power Transmission and Distribution High-end Manufacturing Industry, New Energy Industry Cycling Industry Chain combing with Coal Electricity Poly-silicon and New Material Circular Economy Industrial Chain of Coal Electric Aluminum Foil which are shortly called as “One High-end & Two News”. Now, the cooperation has cultivated three listed companies, namely, TBEA (with stock code: 600089) , Xinjiang Jointworld (with stock code 600888) and Xinte Energy (with stock code HK1799) . TBEA has become a global leading enterprise in power transmission and distribution industry, a R&D and export base of large-scale aluminum electronics and poly-silicon in new-material industry and a large-scale solar photovoltaic system integrator in China, enjoying 14 industrial parks in China and two overseas bases. TBEA’s annual output of transformer has reached 26 million KVA , ranking the first in the world. TBEA ranks the 224th among World Top 500 Machinery Industries, 287th among China Top 500 Industries, 154th among the China Top 500 Listed Companies, and 8th among China Top 100 Machinery Industries, and 86th of the China Top 100 Multinational Enterprises, and 20th among China Top 100 Companies engaged in overseas contracted projects. The brand value of TBEA is 50.2 billion RMB, ranking 47th among China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands.

Power transformation and distribution high-end equipment manufacturing industry and power system integration are the state-level major technological manufacturing industry as well as the supporting one to guarantee the national economy and energy security. Based on the national energy strategy of “One-UHV-Four-Large” (namely, one UHV refers to ultra high voltage, ”four-large” to large-scale hydropower, large-scale thermal power, large-scale nuclear power and large-scale renewable energy power base), TBEA has successively undertook and independent researched numerous major projects and products of China’s firsts and the world’s firsts leading in the global energy-saving power transmission technical innovation, such as the global first commercially operated 1000kV “Jin Dongnan-Nanyang- Jingmen” UHVAC Project that is characteristic in green, energy-saving, eco-friendly intelligence, Xiangjia Dam-Shanghai ±800kV UHVDC Project which is the most advanced one in HVDC power transmission technology in the world, Taishan 2×1750MW Nuclear Power Station that is the largest in installed capacity in the world, Pingyu Power Plant 1000MW Thermal Power Station in Anhui and Three Gorgers 1000MW large-scale Hydropower Station. Additionally focusing on “Delivery Xinjiang Power Outside” Project, TBEA also has become one of the largest enterprises that undertakes the most of the national major engineering project and possesses a large marketing share leading in the fields by undertaking Hami-Zhengzhou ±800kV UHVDC Power Transmission Project, Xinjiang 750kV EHV Gird-connection Project, and I&II Channel Construction from Xinjiang to other Northwest China provinces.

TBEA does not only equip China, but also power the world and shares the experience in power construction by actively implementing the "Go global” strategy. TBEA successively provides green technology, intelligent, reliable and efficient energy equipments for more than 60 countries and regions, for example, the United States, Russia, Brazil, by offering turnkey engineering and system integration solutions to promote green efficient power grid construction, benefiting different countries by accelerating the development of local social economy, including the survey to the design, construction, installation, commissioning, and training, operation, maintenance, and training. President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang as well as other central leaders have paid visits to TBEA overseas projects for inspection and attended major projects’ contracting activities. In the Ceremony of Tajikistan Dushanbe No. 2 Power Plant Project I Completion Ignition and Foundation Laying of Project II , President Xi Jinping spoke highly of TBEA’s outstanding contribution for the China national major strategy of “ One Belt and One Road”, and praised the power plant as a landmark project of pragmatic cooperation and a symbol of friendship between China and Tajikistan. President Xi also encourages TBEA: "strike while the iron is hot, make persistent efforts, to bring the Tajikistan people more warmth." President Rakhmon said, “Dushanbe No. 2 Power Plant Project has improved Tajik’s self-sufficiency ability of energy which is a model of high level cooperation between the two countries. And the project proved again that China is Tajikistan sincere and reliable strategic partner”.  Daka-Keming 500kV Power Transmission and Transformation Project has completed successfully that is the largest cooperation project in power energy field within the framework of the SCO and also the aortic engineering project of Kyrgyzstan State Grid, which was signed under the witness of both President Xi Jinping and Kyrgyzstan President Atambayev. On the Completion Ceremony, the Kyrgyzstan President thought highly of the project in promoting Kyrgyzstan economic and social development and the friendly cooperation between two countries, and deserved his thanks to Chinese government and TBEA for the efforts made in power energy construction. Mr. Zhang Xin, President of TBEA, was awarded the Dench Medal of Honor by Atambeyev President personally that is the highest one in Kyrgyzstan to commend TBEA’s special contribution in the country’s power energy construction. Premier Li Keqiang met with TBEA representatives for three times during his visit to Africa Four Countries (namely Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya), and encouraged TBEA staff to deliver Chinese advanced power technology more brightness to Africa. In the congratulatory letter to TBEA, Modi, Indian Premier, declared that TBEA had made great contributions to development of India and set a new benchmark for pragmatic cooperation between China and India. In the opening ceremony of Pakistan 100WM PV Power Station contracted by TBEA, Pakistan's prime minister Nawaz Sheriff, praised "this project is a friendship and livelihood project that will bring the Pakistani people tangible benefits and enhance the communication and cooperation in the field of energy between the two countries”. In China-Africa Cooperation Summit in 2015, President Xi Jinping praised TBEA to President Zuma and other state leaders of cruise pavilion on the company’s exhibition stand that, “This is China’s EHV company, leading in the whole world ”.

Thank You

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Bruce Xia


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